Zickey & the Kondor

Suggested donation: $20 at the door. 100% of proceeds go to artist.

Denver-based Zickey & the Kondor was formed by Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose (Zickey) and Konor Hunter-Crump (the Kondor) while the two were studying at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Both had a strong love for bluegrass when they met. But while they were studying they became more and more fascinated with music from around the world: Balkan, Middle Eastern, African drum, classical and gypsy jazz. All of these styles can be heard filtered through the lens of modern bluegrass in the duo’s self titled debut, which incorporates odd time signatures, polyrhythm and atypical harmony, all the while striving for an old-timey drive.

Presented in partnership with Kitchen Sink Studio & Santa Fe Performance Exchange.