Tommy and Saundra O’Sullivan

$20 advance/$23 at door
Tickets: 800-838-3006 or GET ONLINE

CHRIS NUTTALL opens the show.

One of the great contemporary folk voices of Ireland, Tommy O’Sullivan is a hidden treasure of traditional Irish music. He has toured throughout North America and Europe, appearing at many major venues and festivals. Born in London to a family with roots deep in the heart of the West Kerry Gaeltacht, Tommy was always a keen singer and by the time the family moved back to their native West Kerry in 1972, he had already begun playing guitar. By his mid teens he started performing locally in Dingle. Encouraged by local musician Fergus Flaherty, Tommy started to explore the world of traditional music. He dabbled with open guitar tunings and listened to everybody from Paul Brady and Dick Gaughan, to the acclaimed West Kerry musicians, The Begley Family. In 1982, with Ireland in deep recession, Tommy again moved to London on a wave of Irish immigration. He found himself engulfed in a stream of traditional music from all over Ireland. Amid this vibrant scene, Tommy quickly established himself as a guitar player and singer of note. Many of the musicians in and around this circle would later come to national and international attention. Tommy’s long overdue second solo album was recorded in 2006. Entitled, Song Ablaze, it is an ambitious project with songs that range from traditional Irish and traditional American music, to the works of contemporary writers, again from both sides of the Atlantic. This album also features a supporting cast of internationally acclaimed musicians. Periodically Tommy takes time off from his Courthouse Pub, a traditional Irish music venue in Dingle, Ireland, to tour the US and Europe.  

Saundra O’Sullivan, a Houston native, sang in many choirs throughout her life and participated in the youth all world choir in Amsterdam in 1979. Through a family member she became interested in traditional Irish music, which led her to attend an annual Irish music retreat in Midlothian, Texas in 2007. There she met Tommy, one of the instructors, sparking many trips between Houston and Ireland. As they explored singing together, they discovered that her alto harmonies were a perfect match for his tenor lead vocals. She is now a welcome addition to the vibrant local music scene in Dingle, where the couple has lived since their 2010 marriage.