African Drumming with Akeem

  • Sept. 15 (3:30 Southside), Sept. 16 (2:30 LaFarge), Sept. 24 (1:30 Downtown)

    Free drumming workshop

    African Drumming with Akeem

    Southside, LaFarge & Main Library branches
    Santa Fe Public Libraries

    Free Entry

September 15 @ 3:30, Southside Branch Library, 6599 Jaguar Dr., Santa Fe, NM

September 16 @ 2:30, La Farge Branch Library, 1730 Llano St., Santa Fe, NM

September 24 @ 1:30, Main Library, 145 Washington Ave., Santa Fe, NM

Join us for a free interactive African drumming program led by Akeem Ayanniyi, a ninth-generation practitioner of the Yoruba talking drum. Akeem engages kids and adults in conversation about the continent of Africa, framed within his own personal story about growing up as a drummer in Nigeria. In addition to stories and song, he demonstrates the traditional talking drum, ashiko, djembe and bata drums, which the audience will have the opportunity to play.

The “Ayan” prefix of Ayanniyi indicates that he descends from a family lineage that can be traced back 700 years to the Yoruba deity of drumming, Ayan Agalu. Representing the ninth generation of his family to play the traditional Yoruba talking drum, Akeem is from the western Nigerian town of Erin Oshun near the historic art center of Oshogbo. He has been performing since the age of five and has, as a performer and teacher, toured much of Africa as well as Germany, Brazil, Sweden and the United States. Akeem settled in Santa Fe, NM in 1993 and founded Agalu in 1998.

Presented in partnership with Santa Fe Public Library